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Learning Record Service

Standard Learning Records Service Privacy Notice Text  

How We Use Your Data

This statement is intended to provide you with information as to how The Learning Records Service will collect and use your personal information and data, and how you can exercise choice in respect of the use of your personal data.

The Learning Records Service is operated by the Skills Funding Agency. The Learning Records Service collects data relating to learners registering for relevant post-14 qualifications, for example GCSEs, AS and A2 Qualifications, Diplomas and associated units, Apprenticeships, Entry to Employment Certificates and other vocational units.

The Learning Records Service offers a facility which stores learner participation and achievements. By providing your personal information, relevant organisations will have access your Personal Learning Record to enable the use of your personal information in order to assess your achievements, awards and credits and to offer advice and guidance.

The Learning Records Service offers the following core services:

  • a Learner Register which allocates a Unique Learner Number (ULN) to each learner.
  • a Personal Learning Records Service. The Personal Learning Records Service will offer you the facility to access your participation and achievement data from relevant data sources via the LRS website.

Collection of data

The Learning Records Service collects data from:

  • information which is already being collected by other agencies from schools and other learning providers.
  • information you provide when you register with a learning provider.
  • qualification, unit and Rules of Combination data from Ofqual.
  • participation and achievement data from the National Pupil Database and Skills Funding Agency. 
  • Learner achievement data supplied by Awarding Organisations directly in to the Personal Learning Record.

Use of data

The Unique Learner Number enables education and training sector organisations, and Awarding Organisations regulated by Ofqual, to share information about participation and achievements in a consistent and approved manner, promoting good information management practice, and helping to improve accuracy and efficiency.

This will benefit you through enhancing the application processes to Awarding Organisations, learning providers, learning advisors and other third parties.

Your Personal Learning Record may be shared with organisations linked to your education and training.  Any organisations that access information you provide are registered under the Data Protection Act 1998 and will use your personal information in accordance with the requirements of the Act.  These organisations are required to sign relevant Data Sharing Agreements and control documentation which requires them to only access your information for specific purposes and to manage your data responsibly [and only to access information where there is a direct connection between you and their organisation].  They are also required to inform you of how your data is being shared. The list of organisations that may access the information you provide now or in the future is contained in Annex A.

At no time will your personal information be passed to any organisations for marketing or sales purposes.

Permissions for sharing

Because the ULN is required for the administration of services within the education and training sector (such as the issuing of certain qualifications), you cannot opt-out of being issued with a ULN on the Learner Register.

You can opt-out of sharing your participation and achievement data through The Learning Records Service. Details of how you may opt-out of sharing your participation and achievement data within The Learning Records Service can be found at  http://www.learningrecordsservice.org.uk/about/faqs/learners-advisers-employers-faqs.htm or by telephoning theLearning Records Service's Customer helpdesk on 0845 602 2589.

The Personal Learning Record also enables you to share, as much or as little, of your participation and achievement data held in the PLR with other third parties. 

You can also share information with other organisations and individuals by creating a configured view of your participation and achievement data. The configured view allows you to create the view of your participation and achievement data and furthermore to share information with any third party that you wish. 

One potential consequence of deciding not to allow data sharing of your participation and achievement data contained in the Learning Records Service will be that you may need to provide copies of certificates or other information to verify qualifications.  You will also inhibit organisations that can support your continued education working with you, to perform on your behalf including the learner centric functions: Routes to Achievement, Rules of Combination queries and Credit Transfer functions.

Correcting inaccurate data

A major benefit of The Learning Records Service is that you can check that information held about you is accurate and request that any errors are corrected. If you believe that any information on your Personal Learning Record is incorrect then you should follow the data challenge procedure found on the LRS website.

Sensitive personal data

The Learning Records Service makes every effort not to collect any information which consists of sensitive personal data (for example data which relates to ethnic origin, physical or mental health, religious beliefs, trade union membership or any criminal offences or proceedings).

If you find that any sensitive personal data has inadvertently been included, you should contact the Agency through the service desk. The Learning Records Service currently employs a process of sensitive personal data identification and removal. 

Sensitive learners

The Learning Records Service recognises that some learners have specific concerns about privacy which mean that additional safeguards are required. The Learning Records Service implements a Sensitive Learners Policy to ensure these safeguards are implemented.


The Learning Records Service recognises the need to keep your information secure and has implemented a Security Policy that provides the appropriate technical and organisational measures aimed at preventing loss of, or unauthorised use of, your information in accordance with Government standards.

How long will we keep your data?

The Learning Records Service is intended to provide a life-long record of learning which will be available to you at any time you choose to participate in education or training. Therefore the Learning Records Service may continue to hold your ULN, Personal Learning Record and Qualification Credit Framework and associated data for 66 years and will be reviewed periodically.

Updates to this policy

The Learning Records Service recognises that privacy and data protection concerns can evolve over time and will keep this policy under review. Any amendments will be posted here and will be notified to learners when they access their Personal Learning Record.

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