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Please email Web Support (websupport@propertymark.co.uk) with your Candidate Number, qualification you are registered for and registered email address for a new password. 

New password emails can take up to 3 working days as these are not automated reply systems.

Forgotten your Candidate Number (prefixed 'Q')? 

Please email us (qualifications@propertymark.co.uk) with your name, date of birth, qualification you are registered for and registered email address for a reminder email. 

If you need to book an examination and know your Candidate Number, you can call Pearson Vue on 0161 8557 537 as they do not require your password.

...the benefits to gaining the qualification are endless.
~ Tania Marshall - Lettings Candidate of the Year Finalist

 ...just having the qualification makes me feel even more confident in my role.
~ Elizabeth Anderson

The relationship between a landlord and their agent should be a long one, built on trust and confidence, and what better way to assure your landlord than having proof of your knowledge with a professional qualification.
~ Sara Hawkins

Having these qualifications really helps you prepare for the property industry, as you learn relevant information that will aid you in a property related job.
~ Nina Chambers

By undertaking a qualification with Propertymark Qualifications, it not only helps in giving property experts the knowledge they need to do a better job but it also gives us something just as valuable...credibility. 
~ Andrew Everett

It provides you with a personal sense of achievement in addition to the knowledge and skills necessary to confidently carry out your role to the highest standard.
~ Heather Fraser, Rising Star 2019

Studying for this qualification will help separate you from other agents whilst also increasing your confidence when interacting with customers. 
~ Sean Rawson, Sales Candidate of the Year 2019

Being properly qualified gives you the confidence to offer a professional and compliant service. Go for it!
~ Melfyn Williams, Employer Champion of the Year 2019