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Q&A with Laura Young, Rising Star Winner 2019


Laura YoungOur awards celebrate those in the industry that are recognised for their great potential. One of 2019's Rising Stars was Laura Young. We spoke to her about how she felt about winning and attending the event.

How did it feel being a winner at the 2019 awards?

When I heard my name I could not believe it! I brought my father along and he was so proud - it really was lovely to see. I am very grateful to both Propertymark Qualifications and Pat Robson & Co (my employer) for this award.

"...to be invited to the capital and the House of Lords was a surreal day which I thoroughly enjoyed."

How did you enjoy the awards event at the House of Lords?

It was a spectacular location and quite overwhelming! I am from a small town, so to be invited to the capital and the House of Lords was a surreal day which I thoroughly enjoyed. The terrace overlooking the Thames was remarkable and I was honoured to be in the company of well known industry professionals.

What does having a Propertymark Qualification mean to you?

I feel that this qualification is recognised throughout the industry and also assures your clients that you have the knowledge and understanding of the property sector, which enhances the professionalism of both you and your company.

What would you say to anyone thinking of getting a qualification?

I would encourage everyone to undertake a Propertymark Qualification as not only will it enhance your knowledge of the industry, but you will also be more desirable to future employers by having obtained further qualifications.

"I would encourage everyone to undertake a Propertymark Qualification as [it will] enhance your knowledge of the industry..."

What will being a winner mean for your career?

I am very happy working for Pat Robson & Co at present as they treat their staff very well and I feel very appreciated, which I feel very fortunate for. I am not sure what the award will mean for my career in the long term, but in the short term I am delighted that the company has been recognised and I would like to thank them for taking the time to nominate me. It is a huge compliment that my employer took the time to nominate me and it was completely unexpected.

What made you choose to study for your Propertymark qualification?

It is a requirement by my employer Pat Robson & Co that all employees undertake the Level 3 examinations. There are opportunities for internal promotion following successfully gaining this qualification and it was a challenge I wanted to pursue as I am always looking at ways to further my career.

Will you study for another qualification?

My long term goal is to become a fellow of ARLA Propertymark, so I will be looking to undertake further examinations to gain this.

"I would encourage all employers to nominate learners into these awards..."

Why do you think it is important to nominate learners for these awards?

I would encourage all employers to nominate learners into these awards as it boosts morale within the company and on an individual level it really does boost the confidence of the employee.  

Was studying for your qualification what you expected it to be? 

I believe you can achieve anything if you put the work into it. It can be time consuming to study, however it is all knowledge that you need to know whilst working in the industry. I would also say not to be too disheartened if you fail an examination, as you can re-sit them, and it is an opportunity to study even harder to pass the second time, which you may end up getting more out of!

Get your qualification

...the benefits to gaining the qualification are endless.
~ Tania Marshall - Lettings Candidate of the Year Finalist

 ...just having the qualification makes me feel even more confident in my role.
~ Elizabeth Anderson

The relationship between a landlord and their agent should be a long one, built on trust and confidence, and what better way to assure your landlord than having proof of your knowledge with a professional qualification.
~ Sara Hawkins

Having these qualifications really helps you prepare for the property industry, as you learn relevant information that will aid you in a property related job.
~ Nina Chambers

By undertaking a qualification with Propertymark Qualifications, it not only helps in giving property experts the knowledge they need to do a better job but it also gives us something just as valuable...credibility. 
~ Andrew Everett

It provides you with a personal sense of achievement in addition to the knowledge and skills necessary to confidently carry out your role to the highest standard.
~ Heather Fraser, Rising Star 2019

Studying for this qualification will help separate you from other agents whilst also increasing your confidence when interacting with customers. 
~ Sean Rawson, Sales Candidate of the Year 2019

Being properly qualified gives you the confidence to offer a professional and compliant service. Go for it!
~ Melfyn Williams, Employer Champion of the Year 2019