Q&A with Florence Bond, Learner of the Year 2019

Florence BondWe spoke to Florence Bond, the winner of one of our most important awards, Learner of the Year award 2019, to hear what winning has meant for her. 

How did it feel being a winner for the 2019 awards?

I'm still shocked and honoured to have been chosen as one of the winners this year. I had merely done my qualifications because I loved my career and wanted to be the best I could be for my clients so even to be nominated had felt like such a shock. 

"...it is a truly rare opportunity to meet so many other likeminded agents..."

How did you enjoy the awards event at the House of Lords?

The event was amazing and it is a truly rare opportunity to meet so many other likeminded agents and discuss the challenges that currently face our industry. The fact that the event is held in such a prestigious room at the House of Lords is an incredible opportunity that I never thought I would have and something I will treasure.  

What does having a Propertymark Qualification mean to you?

I am so proud of my qualifications and feel they are so important for the future of our industry. My qualifications taught me so much and being new to the industry it helped set me in good stead for progressing my career.  

What would you say to anyone thinking of getting a qualification?

Do it! I have enjoyed every second of gaining my qualifications and have just started my Level 4 in sales. I feel that ROPA is going to bring a new level of respect and trust for estate agents and will really help those who are striving for the best in our industry to stand out from the crowd.

I completed my qualification through attending evening classes and these were incredibly worthwhile in meeting people who were facing similar challenges to you on a day to day basis. I now feel like a better estate agent having done my qualifications and can speak confidently about the legislation in our industry and the changes, this can also help you to stand out from your competition. 

"I now feel like a better estate agent having done my qualifications..."

What will being a winner mean for your career?

I think that it shows a level of dedication to this industry and I can't wait to see where it takes me. My qualifications have already recently led to my promotion to Assistant Manager and I am lucky to work for a company who understands the importance of qualifications in the future of Estate Agency and have continually supported me in this. I hope to show others what getting qualified can do for your career and also your confidence in carrying out your job to the best level. 

What made you choose to study for your Propertymark qualification?

I wanted to be the best Estate agent that I could be and provide the highest level of service. I realised very quickly how important it was to be up to date with regulations and to provide my clients with the best advice I can. We deal everyday with someone's biggest asset and I believe that requires a level of respect and knowledge that the qualification can really help to achieve.

"I hope to show others what getting qualified can do for your career and also your confidence..."

Will you study for another qualification?

I have just started studying for my Level 4 in Sales and can't wait to extend my knowledge further.

Was studying for your qualification what you expected it to be? 

It does take time and dedication to study for any qualification alongside work however I feel that you can feel the benefits as you learn and can really link the course to your daily life in your job. 

Get your qualification

...the benefits to gaining the qualification are endless.
~ Tania Marshall - Lettings Candidate of the Year Finalist

 ...just having the qualification makes me feel even more confident in my role.
~ Elizabeth Anderson

The relationship between a landlord and their agent should be a long one, built on trust and confidence, and what better way to assure your landlord than having proof of your knowledge with a professional qualification.
~ Sara Hawkins

Having these qualifications really helps you prepare for the property industry, as you learn relevant information that will aid you in a property related job.
~ Nina Chambers

By undertaking a qualification with Propertymark Qualifications, it not only helps in giving property experts the knowledge they need to do a better job but it also gives us something just as valuable...credibility. 
~ Andrew Everett

It provides you with a personal sense of achievement in addition to the knowledge and skills necessary to confidently carry out your role to the highest standard.
~ Heather Fraser, Rising Star 2019

Studying for this qualification will help separate you from other agents whilst also increasing your confidence when interacting with customers. 
~ Sean Rawson, Sales Candidate of the Year 2019

Being properly qualified gives you the confidence to offer a professional and compliant service. Go for it!
~ Melfyn Williams, Employer Champion of the Year 2019

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