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Level 4 Certificate in Residential Letting & Property Management - England & Wales

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This is the leading Level 4 qualification for senior lettings managers in the property industry and is taken by thousands of agents every year. Learners who register with Propertymark Qualifications will be guided through future requirements as Regulation progresses through legislation.

This qualification is accepted as training criteria for Rent Smart Wales.


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What will be covered?

Examination questions are based on the Qualification Specification so this document should always be referred to when studying:

Download Qualification Specification

Unit 1: Legal Aspects Relating to Residential Letting & Management (LARLM)
In studying this unit, the student will learn about the general legal concepts surrounding the letting and management of residential property and this will be contextualized to cover some of the specific issues that might arise.

Unit 2: Practice Relating to Residential Property Management (PRPM)
This unit focuses on practical actions that a managing agent is required to take. Candidates must be aware that consumer protection and business protection legislation is an important feature of this unit and questions involving such legislation may appear in more than one element.

Unit 3: Appraisal and Residential Property Letting Practice (ARPLP)
This unit provides a practical emphasis on matters related to the appraisal of residential property available to let. It covers those considerations of which residential letting agents need to be aware of when advising a potential client and acting on behalf of existing clients. Candidates must be aware that consumer and business protection legislation is an important feature of this unit and questions involving such legislation may appear in more than one element.

Unit 4: Applied Law Relating to Residential Letting & Management (ALRLM) 
This unit reflects upon areas of common law and legislation and considers these in more detail and in a more contextual and applied manner. Candidates must be aware that consumer protection and business protection legislation is an important feature of this unit and questions involving such legislation may appear in more than one element.

Unit 5: Business Practice (IOM)
This unit introduces the concepts of Business Practice, including methods and processes followed by a business to manage information, company and personal performance and promote the business. 

Unit 6: Business Management (AOM)
This unit introduces the concepts of Business Management. Including the policies and practices associated with the organisation and co-ordination of activities within a business.

Click here to view common units between qualifications.

For those candidates who passed units of the NFoPP Level 5 Diploma in Residential Letting and Property Management, please contact us to discuss which units of the above qualification you may be exempt before registering for this qualification.  No fees previously paid for registration on the current Diploma are transferrable to the Certificate qualification.

Entry requirements

Before enrolling on this qualification we strongly recommend candidates undertake our Level 3 Award, as we cannot guarantee that candidates will have the necessary background knowledge from their professional experience or through a qualification provided by another Awarding Organisation.

However, if candidates wish to commence at Level 4 then we will allow this, but it will be at the candidate's discretion and an email disclaimer will be required.

How long will it take?

Up to 18-36 months to complete, requiring approximately 260 hours of qualification study time in total.

You have 3 years from your date of registration to achieve all of the required units to complete the qualification. If you fail to pass all units within this 3 year timescale, you will need to re-register, but you will be able to carry over results of any previously achieved units which are still available for assessment at the time of re-registration.

How will I be assessed?

Each of the 6 units are assessed by a short essay style examination which is taken on a computer at a UK Pearson Vue test centre.

Each examination consists of 5 scenarios and 2 questions per scenario, so a total of 10 questions, which must be answered within 2 hours. 

Please refer to the Examination Schedule below for full details:

For actual examinations, booked and sat at a test centre, these are manually marked by an examiner and moderated by an experienced and qualified moderator. 

The pass mark for each unit is 45%

The successful achievement of all units will result in either a final certificate showing a Pass or Distinction Grade.

In order to obtain an overall grade of Distinction, you need to achieve an overall average mark of 70% across all examinations. 

What will I get?

You will receive a nationally recognised qualification at a level broadly equivalent to a certificate of Higher Education. This qualification is also recognised by ARLA Propertymark for their membership. 


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Read the Qualification Specification

Register for the qualification online and pay the £50 fee
(only enrol if you are a new candidate)

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Study towards your qualification 

Once payment has been confirmed, book exams online or call Pearson Vue's booking line on 0161 8557 537

See Examination Schedule above

Methods of study

We know how important it is for study to fit into your busy life. Propertymark Qualifications are distance learning based, so you decide how to prepare for the exam. It's great because you can choose when and how you study. 


Preparing and sitting Level 4 examinations

Click here for guidance on preparing and sitting your examinations. 

Sample questions

Our sample questions will help you understand the type and level of difficulty of the questions on your examinations.

Use the links below to download the sample questions first, where you can add your answers directly into the boxes provided. Once completed you can download the answer paper to check if you have covered the right criteria within your answer. 

For more information on your examinations please look at the 'how will I be assessed?' section of this page.

Unit 1: Legal Aspects Relating to Residential Letting & Management (LARLM)

Questions Answers

Unit 2: Practice Relating to Residential Property Management (PRPM)

Questions Answers

Unit 3: Appraisal and Residential Property
Letting Practice (ARPLP)

Questions Answers

Unit 4: Applied Law Relating to Residential Letting & Management (ALRLM) 

Questions Answers

Unit 5: Business Practice (IOM)

Questions Answers

Unit 6: Business Management (AOM)

Questions Answers


Workbooks and study materials

Learn in a way that suits you. With a wide range of online, interactive and printed resources from experts, there are learning packages available that support the study of Propertymark Qualifications perfectly.

Are you thinking of becoming a Member?

Propertymark members receive a £100 discount on training options and learning packages. If you want to become a member, talk about membership options with the team by  clicking here. While training courses can be attended whether you're a Propertymark member or not, membership allows you to book courses at a discounted rate and gives you access to exclusive member resources. Propertymark Qualifications have worked with colleagues at Propertymark to ensure that learners can access resources to support their study whether that's by attending a Propertymark training course or by becoming a member of a Propertymark professional body.

Choose a learning package for Level 4 that suits you

There are several ways to purchase resources depending on what works for you. Whether you like the idea of a printed book, or want access to online resources only - or both. Read the options below to find out more.

On Demand programme

Printed workbook

Access to this programme is for three years if studying towards your Level 4 and includes a wide range of high quality pre-recorded material to help you learn, understand and remember the course content.

A suggested timetable keeps you on track, while a high quality digital workbook, podcasts, mock tests and pre-recorded webinars provide you with the necessary industry knowledge. 

Ask your tutor any questions about the study topics on the tutor moderated forum.  

Discounted packages including a printed workbook are only available as part of a single transaction. Get in touch to learn more.

Based on Propertymark Qualifications' learning outcomes and assessment criteria, this is the only workbook accredited by Propertymark Qualifications.

The workbooks are designed to be an essential guide for property professionals, with each worbook unit relating to one of the final exams, with self-check questions so you can check your understanding of the material.

Discounted packages including the On Demand or Live Online programmes are only available as a part of a single transaction.  Get in touch to learn more.

Contact us for prices and to find out more

Contact the team at Propertymark to learn more about your membership and training and view all pricing options.

Propertymark courses

Propertymark Qualifications have worked with our colleagues at Propertymark to ensure that learners studying towards the Level 4 Certificate in Residential Letting & Property Management have access to resources to support your study whether you are a Propertymark member or not.

  • Lettings Refresher - Advanced
    This one-day course gives an update on the more complex areas that Lettings Agents are faced with. This training provides a recap of these areas and allows you to apply your knowledge and work through to exam scenarios.  This course will help with your study towards Units 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Download this leaflet to find other courses that may support your learning.

Holding P

Recognised Centres and Apprenticeship providers

Private training providers deliver learning programmes and the Propertymark Qualifications exams directly to their own learners and apprentices. Each organisation who become a Recognised Centre meets stringent recognition criteria by Propertymark Qualifications and are subject to ongoing quality assurance.

A number of centres operate nationwide and are happy to take on individual learners and customers, although they may charge fees for these services in addition to those for your Propertymark Qualifications exams. Find a recognised centre.


Examinations are held at UK Pearson Vue test centres and there are roughly 140 test centres across the country.

How much do they cost?

  • £50 - registration fee
  • £80 - when booking individually 
  • £125 - when booking two units together that will be taken back to back on the same day by one candidate. Use promotional code promo code CERT_TWO_EXAMS when booking online.

Visit our examinations page to learn more about our examinations as well as viewing a helpful guide that will give you tips on what you should do before your exam and what you can expect to happen during and after your exam. 

Results & certification

You will be notified of your results by a formal results letter, sent to your registered postal address, following marking and quality assurance checks. Please refer to the Examination Schedule above for result issuing dates.  

A qualification certificate will also be posted to your registered postal address. You do not need to apply for the certificate or pay a further cost as the fee is included within the examination fees. 

Enrol for this Qualification


...the benefits to gaining the qualification are endless.
~ Tania Marshall - Lettings Candidate of the Year Finalist

 ...just having the qualification makes me feel even more confident in my role.
~ Elizabeth Anderson

The relationship between a landlord and their agent should be a long one, built on trust and confidence, and what better way to assure your landlord than having proof of your knowledge with a professional qualification.
~ Sara Hawkins

Having these qualifications really helps you prepare for the property industry, as you learn relevant information that will aid you in a property related job.
~ Nina Chambers

By undertaking a qualification with Propertymark Qualifications, it not only helps in giving property experts the knowledge they need to do a better job but it also gives us something just as valuable...credibility. 
~ Andrew Everett

It provides you with a personal sense of achievement in addition to the knowledge and skills necessary to confidently carry out your role to the highest standard.
~ Heather Fraser, Rising Star 2019

Studying for this qualification will help separate you from other agents whilst also increasing your confidence when interacting with customers. 
~ Sean Rawson, Sales Candidate of the Year 2019

Being properly qualified gives you the confidence to offer a professional and compliant service. Go for it!
~ Melfyn Williams, Employer Champion of the Year 2019